René Blaisot
René BlaisotPartner

René BLAISOT, partner, advises in business and fiscal law.
In business law, he advises in commercial law, company law, and in assets sales.

In commercial law, he assists companies, merchants and members of liberal professions in drafting and negotiating contracts as business sales agreements, transfer of leasing rights, commercial leases, etc.
In company law, he assists companies concerning the creation of civil or commercial companies, shareholders meetings for the approval of the annual accounts or statutory changes, legal restructuration or foundation of a corporate group. He also advises struggling companies.

Concerning business divestiture, he advises, negotiates and draft deeds for companies changes and restructuring, especially in mergers and acquisitions or transfer of shares for any kind of French companies.
In tax law, he assists companies for restructuring operations, tax optimisation of flows of cash (dividends, interests, royalties), or for introducing favourable tax schemes (tax integration regime, parent-subsidiary regime).

He also advises individuals for their income tax returns, company leaders for the sale of their shares, their retirement or the transmission of a family business.

He intervenes in all types of civil, commercial of tax litigation.

René BLAISOT is holder of a master degree in international and European trade litigations, and of another one in public and private litigations. He also completed a doctoral thesis in tax law at the University of Paris X Nanterre.