• Accompanying investors in Africa (Francophone and Anglophone countries) and in the Middle East.

  • Energy: renewable energy, electricity (hydroelectricity, wind power, solar power), oil and gas.

  • Assistance in the creation of companies incorporated under local law, or with regard to all operations leading to changes in a company.

  • Assistance to sovereign States in the drafting, amendments and application of laws, institutional reforms and the strengthening of professional skills.

  • International litigation and arbitration (ad hoc and institutional).

Health and life sciences

  • Healthcare industries (pharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturers of medical equipment) : relations with public authorities (access to pharmaceutical products markets and medical equipment, pricing of healthcare products, reimbursement and recording of products on an official list of products, marketing). Administrative litigation against the decisions of health authorities, notably as regards refusals to record products on an official list. Research contracts, medical visits, advice and assistance regarding applicable regulations in the context of merger-acquisition operations. Product liability. Prevention of criminal risks and assistance in the course of criminal proceedings. Anti-corruption law, transparency mechanisms and declaratory obligations. Civil and criminal liability of the pharmacist who is responsible.

  • Dispensary pharmacy: creation, transfer, regrouping, transfer of the business of pharmacists, company changes. Choice of the form of company. Ordinal litigation. Criminal liability of dispensary pharmacists.

  • Self-employed professionals : contracts, transfer of patients, creation and dissolution of structures, medical liability, litigation involving professional bodies.

  • Advice to public and private healthcare establishments: contracts with healthcare professionals, the status of the establishments, relations with healthcare authorities.


  • Business law: creation of companies, life of the company (bylaws, minutes of the general meetings), mergers-acquisitions, transfer of the company, commercial litigation, arbitration.

  • Labour law: prior audit of the situation of the company, advice and representation before industrial tribunals.

  • Corporate taxation: restructuring operations, tax optimisation of flows of cash (dividends, interests, royalties), or for introducing favourable tax schemes (tax integration regime, parent-subsidiary regime).
  • Individual taxation: income tax returns, advisement of company leaders for the sale of their shares, their retirement or the transmission of a family business.
  • Tax litigation

Public law and local authorities

  • Local authorities: contesting the legality of decisions of deliberative bodies, decisions in town planning matters, electoral disputes.

  • Public law contracts: public service delegations and partnership agreements.

  • Public law: occupation of public domain.

  • Public law contracts.

  • French public service: assistance to officials and local authorities before disciplinary tribunals.

  • International public service: assistance to officials before international tribunals.

Civil and criminal litigation

  • Civil law: liability, family law (divorce, matrimonial regimes), property law, real estate law (civil and commercial leases), co-ownership.

  • Criminal law: Litigation before the criminal courts (police courts, criminal courts of first instance and the assize courts): fraud, abuse of trust, tax fraud, money laundering, corruption, forgery and use of forged documents, theft, conspiracy, moral harassment, etc. Criminal aspects of DMOS litigation (anti-corruption), criminal liability of the chemist (the liable chemist and dispensary pharmacy). Criminal aspects of competition law (unfair competition), notably in the construction sector, the banking sector, insurance or industry. Criminal aspects of tax litigation of companies and individuals.